Updated Graphics: #FreedomSummer15

Freedom Summer ’15


Baltimore | Philadelphia | New York City | Atlanta

Ferguson | Chicago |  Los Angeles | Oakland

July – August – September | @FreedomSummer15
with Operation Help or Hush

Updated Graphics with Text & Email information

#FreedomSummer15 [Freedom Summer 2015] is a series of events in eight cities nationwide, taking place in major metropolises, created to celebrate black culture & community while also providing  moments of levity or bonding away from the day-to-day front lines of activist work. These free events and spaces can provide activists working for social justice and equality chances to connect within their neighborhoods and fellow foot soldiers. For some time now there is a  new call for action almost daily and new outrages every week, which can even make the average person fatigued.   Amidst the toil and struggle of protests, vigils, and trying to vigilantly raise awareness for issues  makes it is necessary to also recharge and connect with one another to sustain momentum, to reach newer heights together, and spurn each other onwards. So that when the next call-to-action comes, and it always does, it will find us purposeful and resolute. Able to face future challenges more committed and with even greater success. Continue reading

We Are Not Things

  1. Who Killed the World?

  2. Our Babies Will Not Be Warlords

  3. We Are Not Things