Sandra Bland’s mother addresses Congress:

I am here representing the mothers who have lost children as we go on about our daily lives. When the cameras and lights are gone, our babies are dead. So I’m going to ask you here today to wake up. Wake up. By a show of hands, can any of you tell me the other six women who died in jail in July 2015 along with Sandra Bland? That is a problem. You all are among the walking dead, and I am so glad that I have come out from among you. I heard about Trayvon, I heard about all the shootings, and it did not bother me until it hit my daughter. I was walking dead just like you until Sandra Bland died in a jail cell in Texas.

Quote from Sandra Bland's Mom to Congress

via Sandra Bland’s mother says her daughter didn’t kill herself | Fusion


Prince’s Eyes Would Light Up When He Started Performing

Prince’s First Music Teacher Opens Up About Singer as a Student

The former music teacher, who had Prince in his seventh and eighth grade business of music and music theory classes at Minneapolis’ Bryant Junior High, describes the icon as being “introverted” – until he picked up an instrument, that is.

“He was extremely quiet, but when he played music it just seemed like he was a different person altogether,” says Hamilton. “His eyes would light up when he started performing.” Continue reading