Feminists sharply divided between Clinton, Obama

Found this one statement the most ludicrous:

It’s hard to imagine that anytime soon there will be another candidate as extraordinary as Hillary Clinton,”
and if true a sad state on womanhood and feminisim, sadder than the campaign Hillary has run…

There is a widespread perception in women’s movement that younger feminists tilt more toward Obama while most of their elders favor Clinton.

At times, Bravo, 64, has been dismayed by the harsh criticism directed at women like herself from pro-Clinton feminists.

“I felt it was an ultimatum — vote for Hillary Clinton or you’re betraying the women’s movement,” Bravo said. “It’s very self-defeating and alienating, particularly to younger women who, regardless of who they support, don’t like to be told, ‘Do this. Do that.'”

via Feminists sharply divided between Clinton, Obama | POLITICO