…and I want it now. To paraphrase an MTV slogan of my lost generation. If you are not old enough to remember it, consider yourself carded and you are not old enough to read this.

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This is a review of the recently self-titled release by Scott Matthew, available as the cruel fates would have it, in Europe alone. So after finagling, and what felt like smuggling an exotic animal through black market channels, I’ve had a taste. Perhaps a bit untypical of your ordinary reviewer I think that I’ve listened to the album for what is surely approaching a full twenty-four hours. In fact while I slumbered it played on an endless loop guiding me like Orpheus searching for Eurydice through the netherworlds. However, I don’t think my experience of the album is unique, and I’m quite sure when faced with it, people will put on their iPods and do the same (especially if some jerk just broke their hearts-especially the jerk who introduced you to his music!). I mean we can carry those things with us everywhere at all times; it is almost socially acceptable and expected that we should tune out, and drop in on our dear friend. Because that silly CD will never be played once, it is as obsolete as a cassette, but strangely no one has told the people who press them. Poor people without high speed internet need them. When I’m walking through New York City I see those tiny little bags that illicit substances come in, which I’m not very familiar with, but see them cast so carelessly onto the sidewalk where kids on their way to school can just spy their bright colors and wonder. Well maybe they don’t, but I do. I think of CD’s when I see them. Continue reading

Mad, Mad World

…is quite certain this maze I’ve wandered into is populated by little cherubs on water buffalo on top of grand pianos with glasses of wine in their hands.