The Shutdown of Scrabulous on FaceBook

Dear Mr. Brian Goldner:

I am writing to you today after what can only be described as the biggest disaster in branding history. In the very near future I will be reporting on these developments forthwith on my blog and any media outlet that will purchase it. It would please me greatly if you have anything to say, that you please submit what you think might be of interest to me or put me in contact with your media relations person. I’m sure that today’s actions and the lawsuit are the culmination of a well thought out plan on your part, since you could have sued, sent a cease & desist or done any of this a while ago. You waited, made sure your team at EA and other developers were ready to go with your alternatives. I applaud that, as I will point out how terribly short sighted that was. While I’ve not received my response from you or your marketing team – I have already had a taste of it from the board postings at FaceBook. I think you should fire the person responsible for it immediately and I do not say that lightly. If these are your words – then you should have a staff that understands the demographic you are appealing to and would have advised you accordingly.

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