Full-Text of Bailout Plan

Dear America,

I urge you to read this. YES, it is boring as hell, but what the Congressmen who are out there are saying (like the slimeball I posted) are hoping – is that you don’t read it, or care. They want to tell you what is in it.

It is not good, it is by no need what we would do if we had time. It does have so much in it that will “protect” main street. I read the Golden Parachute part, and the Mark-to-Market which the lyingest lying liars who voted it down keep saying wasn’t in there. I’ve also skimmed much of the rest of it.

I’m not a lawyer, and reading a 110 pages of legalese is like a migraine waiting to happen. Yet ‘Each One Teach One’ – we need to spread the word, get behind it, email or call your house rep and senator and make sure they support it.

For in New York we will, just like with 9/11 be more adversely effected than the rest of the world, and so it is my duty to reach out to the people I know all over this country – Republican and Democratic to solve this.

— D. A. Królak

Big Dose of Prognosis NEGATIVE:

“I mean to that cold scientific eye of yours we’re all guinea pigs, aren’t we?”

— Bette Davis as Judith Traherne in Dark Victory

Dear Academy:


To have overlooked or denied Paul Newman an award (well except for the honorary one & the Color of Money consolation prize for The Verdict). You are major jerks, and I just wanted to let you know.