Unequal Charges: When Balanced Is Not Fair

In both cases, the reporters treated these charges as essentially equal and thus self-canceling, stuff to be filed away under “political tactics,” “he said/she said” or the province of mere “strategic gambits.”


It is precisely this type of reporting, devoid of context and the ability to discern the relative historical import of a public figure’s actions, that has rendered the American people stupid in a civic sense.

via Unequal Charges: When Balanced Is Not Fair | Courant

Really wish, but don’t think it is likely, that the MSM would take this up. The “bridge to nowhere” out & out lie being constantly repeated, with no one taking McCain to task for it, and thrashing him (except on the View), is appalling.

The pundits (and not the reporters) are economically invested in this being constantly referred to as a he said/she said bull. It honestly makes me sick that this opera will reach a pitch that someone could yell “KILL HIM” from an audience and they are not immediately arrested, and Palin is not fined for inciting violence.

Honestly — what kind of America do we want?