UPDIKE: Creative Writing

I seem most instinctively to believe in the human value of creative writing, whether in the form of verse or fiction, as a mode of truth-telling, self-expression and homage to the twin miracles of creation and consciousness.


—John Updike

Persecution of Homosexuals in the Third Reich

The Nazis interned some homosexuals in concentration camps immediately after the seizure of power in January 1933. Those interned came from all areas of German society, and often had only the cause of their imprisonment in common. Some homosexuals were interned under other categories by mistake, and the Nazis purposefully miscategorized some political prisoners as homosexuals. Prisoners marked by pink triangles to signify homosexuality were treated harshly in the camps. According to many survivor accounts, homosexuals were among the most abused groups in the camps.

via Persecution of Homosexuals in the Third Reich | US Holocaust Museum


For the Bible Tells Me So, and I love Skrimp!


Appeared at the 2007 Sundance Film Festival

Bravely tackling one of the most politically and religiously divisive issues in contemporary America, documentary filmmaker Daniel Karslake presents a consideration of the intersection of scripture and homosexuality. Profiled are five devout families who each have dealt with the disclosure that a relative was gay or lesbian. Discussion is given to the importance of mutual understanding and unconditional parental love, while often-cited Biblical passages come in for scholarly interpretation and reconsideration. “Admirable and moving.” — Salon.

more: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lj2-_tFXXT4&NR=1

Family, love, equality.

A wonderfully introspective documentary of the highest caliber, that I wept several times throughout it, and was ultimately given tremendous hope that it may be able to transmit in a very thoughtful way a lasting message. It ends on a very positive note and is summarized so wonderfully by the Nobel prize winning Archbishop Desmond Tutu saying: “I can’t imagine a god that would punish me for being born black, and not being white. I can’t imagine a god who would punish you for being born a woman and not born a man. I can’t imagine a god who would punish you for being born homosexual, and not being heterosexual.*” As the film closes the amazing friend of the cause Cyndi Lauper sings an acapella version of her hit True Colors.

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