Dear Republicans against the Stimulus:

Bite me! Now all of a sudden you are outraged that we have to borrow from the Chinese to fund this? Really? What about borrowing from China to engage in a war, which we were lead into through lies, and worse which was kept off the budget for years, and only now will Obama set the Accounting Record Straight. Continue reading

Annie Lennox: We are Fixated with Sexuality 

…and it Can Be Very Cruel

Annie Lennox: We are Fixated with Sexuality and it Can Be Very Cruel Shining Light Photo

Annie Lennox talks to CNN about her new track “Shining Light” (the other new song on her latest hits collection, “Pattern of My Life”, is a winner too) and various points throughout her career. The new single, “Shining…

“I think we all [have a lot to learn about love]. I think the world needs to be a far more loving place. And I think we are confused between erotic love [and] unconditional love. I think our sexuality is a very different thing from our love. … We are a society fixated with sexuality and it can be very cruel. When the love, and the respect and the consideration [are] missing, people live very isolated existences.”

Marry me Annie?


See the Interview Below:

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Chinua Achebe: A hero returns

Chinua Achebe was given a traditional welcome

Chinua Achebe was given a traditional welcome

You might be forgiven for thinking they had turned out to greet Nelson Mandela. A huge noisy crowd, complete with dancers and drummers, gathered at the entrance of Abuja airport in the Nigerian capital at 0530 in the morning.
But not to greet a great statesman, nor even a rock star, but a 79-year-old writer: Chinua Achebe. Africa’s greatest novelist was returning home to Nigeria for only the second time in 20 years.

We had been warned about the rock star treatment. The last time he came, tens of thousands of people packed a football stadium to hear him speak.

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Live Blogging: 60 Minutes with Capt Sully

  • is thinking Oh Capt Sully – I love you…(and Katie Couric you suck at interviews)

  • Sully just made me cry like it was the reveal on Extreme Home Makeover…

  • wants a “Sully is my copilot” T-shirt

  • is thinking I’ve not cried this much over a tv show in a long time!!! STOP IT 60 minutes