NYC in the 1940s

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The white man is being oppressed!?!?!?!

Rush, Newt and other right-wingers decide that Sonia Sotomayor is a racist. Project much?

You might not think, in that world, that early opposition to the court nominee would involve accusing her of being racist and sexist, and steadily questioning her intelligence in a way that implies she’s an affirmative action pick. That might seem, in fact, like a fairly self-destructive strategy, one that even the opposition party’s most hardcore base would want to avoid. But welcome to 2009.


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+Note: Erick Erickson, felt compelled to stand up for white men on Wednesday. “I dunno, Sotomayor,” he wrote on Twitter. “Considering white males engineered Western Civ, you’d think they’d have a handle on things to be able to make decisions.”


Random NYC Shots

My Balcony Garden

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‘Reverse Racism’

All this talk about the mythical “Reverse Racism” and all I could find was this dated essay. Privileged white men complaining about Sotomayor’s and lobbing a made up word that means absolutely nothing really makes me sick. I guess I have to turn the news off.