Fox just advertised its Sunday Animation Domination as: SODOMINATING…they are going to burn in hell…

SO DOMINATING. Uh, huh. SODOM -INATING. Yep see what you did there.

Dante’s infreno awaits

Project ‘Gaydar’ = CREEPY

It started as a simple term project for an MIT class on ethics and law on the … At MIT, an experiment identifies which students are gay, raising new ..

via Boston.com

Is your sexuality being unmasked on Facebook?

Possibly, say two Massachusetts Institute of Technology students in an experiment that’s anything but fabulous.

Carter Jernigan and Behram Mistree claim they can actually tell whether or not someone is gay based on the company they keep, according to a Tuesday report in the Boston Globe.

In the project, dubbed “Gaydar,” Jernigan and Mistree pored over Facebook data compiled from a software program looking at the gender and sexuality of a user’s friends. Based on that information, the students say people may be unintentionally “outing” themselves because they were able to predict, with accuracy, whether someone is gay.

via MIT project attempts to track ‘Gaydar’ on Facebook | NY Daily News



Just discovered that you can tag people from FB in your updates & postings —cool Facebook, but how about letting people know this stuff and not stumble across it.

I guess that updated feature made you get rid of the “No Thumbnail” check box – boooooo!