Dear Killer Whale Trainers:

—a pony tail can look like a fish, so from here forward we ask that you refrain from wearing them…


thanks, the Management


had that dream again

—the one about the duplex Penthouse that I’m fated to buy and boy is it gorgeous…wraparound views of the ocean…

Bronx: Not Racist, Just Picky

A few weeks ago the Times reported on two mostly-white Bronx communities that are accused of plotting to keep black families out, but inside the developments many think the charges are “baloney.” They say their co-op boards are picky, but according to Richard Ardisson, a firefighter who lives in Silver Beach Gardens, “That’s what keeps it nice. Everybody’s got a good job. No one wants garbage in here.”

The Fair Housing Justice Center—the group that’s suing the communities—sent two couples, one black one white, to inquire about purchasing homes in the two communities on Long Island Sound. In a federal lawsuit, It accuses a broker for Silver Beach Gardens and Edgewater Park of warmly receiving the white couple, while turning the black couple away. Allegedly she told the pair the communities were “Archie Bunker territory.”

via Bronx Communities Not Racist, Just Picky | Gothamist


Anthrax Case Formally Closed By FBI:

Dear Dick Cheney, Rudy Guilliani & others:

Who constantly remind us that we were *SAVED* from ‘further’ attacks;

PLEASE explain this to me—WHY, OH WHY did no one ever come to justice over this act of terrorism on American soil? Now they rest the case, and brush it under the carpet of your scurrilous claims! SHAME ON YOU!