LXTV [Spotted: Great Design]


This video was removed from LXTV and I apologize it is only available on NBC’s site in low quality – as it is quite nice and why I wrote this entire piece

I’ll admit it, my guiltiest pleasure is watching the tawdry exploits of über-rich New York teens and their sordid lives unfold in a never-ending drama. It may seem shocking, but if you know me – I’d rather watch scripted dramas over the stomach churning exploits of “reality TV” — once you’ve worked in it, you find your tolerance for it can be alarmingly low.

One thing that keeps me coming back to the show are the amazing sets. Above is actual video of the behind the scenes with the set decorator of the Gossip Girl show, Christina Tonkin, who not only gives us an all access pass to the sets, but insights into how she creates these stylized atmospheres that are at once instantly accessible, but in many ways surreal. It is a dream come true for me to be able to take this guided tour, and see the thought and talent that goes into the process.

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POLIDO: Bearer of Hope

I am not a great hero nor done any great deeds
But this much I can be, a bearer of hope
To let the pained souls know love is possible
And maybe the great ball will quiet as its passed
From one loving heart to another

— Joni Polido