Dear George RR Martin,

I’m ecstatic that FINALLY on page 527 you brought my Arya (Cat, Blind Beth) back to me…but really she is the most endearing character & to make me suffer through 500+ pages makes me say you ought to be ashamed of yourself.


“Now I can understand how years ago–during the age of snail mail and hand counting–it could take months to compile actual sales data.

But now we have bar codes and the Internet and spreadsheets. Information gathering and transfer is easier, faster, and more accurate than ever. So why are we getting paid every six months?”

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Was just talking with my mom about the voter turnout in NC — the next time someone uses the stupid assertion that the “will of the people” through the voting process is what should establish rights for anyone or laws for anything! Look at the numbers of people who turn out for a “primary” — 12% at the high, and as low as 3%

… so suck that

NY Rangers

… hate riding the subway with the grotesque Yankees fans after a win, I am sure glad that I’m not anywhere near Madison Square Garden after the Rangers won!

Socratic Virtue and Wisdom

[Socrates] Yes, my friend, I said; and there lies the point. You must contrive for your future rulers another and a better life than that of a ruler, and then you may have a well-ordered State; for only in the State which offers this, will they rule who are truly rich, not in silver and gold, but in virtue and wisdom, which are the true blessings of life. Whereas if they go to the administration of public affairs, poor and hungering after the’ own private advantage, thinking that hence they are to snatch the chief good, order there can never be; for they will be fighting about office, and the civil and domestic broils which thus arise will be the ruin of the rulers themselves and of the whole State.

— Plato’s Republic

(Allegory of the Cave)