VIDEO: Slick Biblesalesman on LSD with Nourishing Habits

Where has Craig Mod (@craigmod) been all my life? Apparently making the most beautiful website on the planet! {} All completely unaware that I will slavishly adore and promote his vision to anyone who will listen.


nourishing habits. bible salesman. LSD.

It is always a good sign when I swoon within 10 minutes into this lecture he mentioned my personal hero Marshall McLuhan. Don’t you find it refreshing to hear someone say that it feels like the late 60′s again? For most of us are so ‘hip to technology’ that it is easy to feel a bit jaded by it all. While this 40 minute talk seems outside the comfort zone of most (including yours truly) let’s hope you will find it well worth it, as I did. If you care about books and technology and where the two meet, I think you will.

Let us gaze at this wondrous age that we are living in and what it can usher in. Also let us look at where are biggest hurdles lie, and hope someone takes up the call to move us forward. Behold, he gives us the future:

Craig Mod – Edges and Boundaries and the Future Book from Build on Vimeo.

What do the roof of a hotel in Lhasa, the Steve Jobs biography, Kindle book covers, Borges, and Alan Kay have to do with each other? Almost nothing, but if you squint hard enough, you’ll see they’re all concerned with boundaries and edges. Together we’ll squint and tilt our heads and try to see how edges around data and content change the way we should think about and design for books in the age of the iPad.

Filmed at Build 2011:
Edited by Box42 / Graphics by Andrew Cornett / Music by Tycho.