Retro Copy-writer: Lucky Tiger

Lucky Tiger gets the Gals!
(which one do you want)*

Gals just naturally go for guys who use Lucky Tiger! The lovelies love with that Luck Ti-groomed look. It keeps your hair he-man handsome…naturally good looking, without “patent leather” shine.

Lucky Tiger covers your scalp in only 9 seconds! Contains a new grooming agent which keeps your hair perfectly groomed but is not oily or greasy. Start using it now and look your best always!

BUTCH HAIR WAX  Crafted by Lucky Tiger for the crew cuts. Holds hair up where it should be up – down where it should be down!

*Make Your Den a Lucky Lair
Send in a box-top from Lucky Tiger Hair Tonic or a label from Lucky Tiger “Butch” Hair Wax and we’ll send you a picture of Linda, Lola and Lousie suitable for framing.