Antony Hegarty’s Meltdown: New York pioneers who walked on the wild side

The outrageous creative spirit of the 70s and 90s Manhattan art scene is coming to the festival in London. Dorian Lynskey meets some of the curator’s fabulous friends

Such colourful New York myths ripple through Antony Hegarty’s Meltdown line-up. By the time Antony became widely known in 2005 with his Mercury prize-winning second album, I Am a Bird Now, he had spent 15 years in Manhattan as one of a startling, inter-generational constellation of dancers, painters, film-makers, musicians and performance artists, mostly clustered on the Lower East Side. It’s this spirit of continuity and collaboration that distinguishes the New York performance world from the boom-and-bust arc experienced by most scenes. “Antony says the East Village is an indigenous population,” says his close friend, dancer and DJ Johanna Constantine. “There’s always been this specific artistic group that’s been able to thrive there.”

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