Just Saying

Now I’m not a LiLo fan…no, very far from it. However Chris Brown/Drake fight with thrown champagne bottles, and lots of mayhem & bloodshed…and they manage to not get prosecuted? Just seems there is a different standard for women or LiLo…



The 12 Rules of Instagram

I love Instagram.  It’s the only social network to promote true creative expression, without all the redundancy, clutter, and homogenization of Twitter and Facebook.  And the newness is part of the appeal.  Instagram is still evolving everyday, yet to be determined, a work in progress.  It’s the wild west of social networking, but with that comes lawlessness and a void of etiquette.  The best part about Instagram is that there are no rules, but there’ve gotta be some things we can all agree on.

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Dear ‘Merica

Dear America: So if the statistic is right that I just saw and only 18% of you go out & shop on “Black Friday”—why does the other 82% have to hear endless tales about it in the media (both online & offline) ad nauseum? Even if, as another reports, a high of 30% it still seems likely that at least 70% of us think your over-coverage is ludicrous.