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Jon Luc Picard just said: “Meet the Electrical Eel” on the other computer, and I rightfully giggled.

“no one fishes for them. Locals are terrified of them”—in a Shakespearean accent is just ten kinds of wrong

[Income Inequality At Work]

Census Poverty Rate Chart

[Income Inequality At Work]

“I want to focus on the simple part of the issue for a moment, because in the big picture, it’s also by far the most important part. So repeat after me: There are record numbers of Americans on food stamps today because there are record numbers of Americans in poverty”

The Most Important Thing to Remember About America’s Food-Stamp Boom


So much for a “new-improved” Repugnican party:

His findings and others confirm its an unhealthy lifestyle. The gay activists portray themselves as innocent victims ; however, we who believe in traditional, time tested values are being bullied. Because I disagree with their views, I have had threats to me and my family—thats hate! This is not about hate but a lifestyle that is against 230 years of American history and filled with medical, psychological, legal and costs reasons to oppose it. If you truly loved someone, you would want them to know their lifestyle usually leads to early death. It’s about common sense. It’s about maintaining the family and its importance to the well being of the children and this nation.

via The RNC Committeeman Who’s Not on Board With This Whole Gay Rights Thing Explains Himself | Slate


Skim Milk Marriage?

JUSTICE GINSBURG: Mr. Clement, the problem is if we are totally for the States’ decision that there is a marriage between two people, for the Federal Government then to come in to say no joint return, no marital deduction, no Social Security benefits; your spouse is very sick but you can’t get leave; people -­ if that set of attributes, one might well ask, what kind of marriage is this?

JUSTICE KAGAN: Well, is what happened in 1996—and I’m going to quote from the House Report here—is that “Congress decided to reflect an honor of collective moral judgment and to express moral disapproval of homosexuality.”

JUSTICE GINSBURG: They’re not—they’re not a question of additional benefits. I mean, they touch every aspect of life. Your partner is sick. Social Security. I mean, it’s pervasive. It’s not as though, well, there’s this little Federal sphere and it’s only a tax question.

It’s —it’s— as Justice Kennedy said, 1100 statutes, and it affects every area of life. And so he was really diminishing what the State has said is marriage. You’re saying, no, State said two kinds of marriage; the full marriage, and then this sort of skim milk marriage. #SkimMilkMarriage #Dead

JUSTICE KAGAN: So, this was a real difference in the uniformity that the Federal Government was pursuing. And it suggests that maybe something—maybe Congress had something different in mind than uniformity.

everybody’s favorite group in the world, that we look at those cases with some—even if they’re not suspect—with some rigor to say, do we really think that Congress was doing this for uniformity reasons, or do we think that Congress’s judgment was infected by dislike, by fear, by animus, and so forth?

JUSTICE KENNEDY: That —  that would give you intellectual whiplash

JUSTICE SOTOMAYOR: And the issue wasn’t joined. So what do you think we meant? And I know Justice Scalia doesn’t care what you think we meant.

GOOGLE: Boulle

Love that a search for Boulle will turn up the guy who wrote Planet of the Apes, a famous baroque furniture maker, and the genius architect—Google who says you don’t have a sense of humor?


Why Space: 1999 is Eternally Retro Cool

Sorella Lamp by Studio Tecnico Harvey featured in Space: 1999

People sometimes dismiss Space: 1999 as a fatally kitschy space adventure, full of unconvincing aliens and wah-wah guitar histrionics. But many of the design elements of Space: 1999 still look incredibly cool today. Like the above lamp, the Sorella Lamp created by Studio Tecnico Harvey, which is now considered a prime example of 1970s retro design awesomeness — to the point where it’s gone back into production recently for the first time since 1980.

via Why Space: 1999 is Still Retro Cool | io9


Ian McShane: rogue trader

From Lovejoy to Deadwood, Ian McShane has made a career out of playing rogues. He tells us about his drink- and drug-fuelled past, and how he’s given it all up to make blockbusters for his grandchildren

On Deadwood:

“There was no script when you started,” McShane says. “Everyone was staying at this ranch. If you liked acting, you could take a chance every single day.” Accepting the Golden Globe for Best Actor for his work on the first season, McShane called it “the best gig I ever had”, and he stands by that now. “I’ll catch it on TV sometimes and get drawn in. It was not good. It was fucking brilliant.”

via Ian McShane: rogue trader | The Guardian

+Note: One of the best articles with him in a long while about his rather long & storied career and his relationship to acting


Dreamtime VI: Braids

Dreamtime VI: A series documenting hair and braid patterns based on actual hairstyles:

A series of acrylic on paper paintings, represented as archival pigment prints documenting hair and braid patterns based on actual hairstyles worn by students whom this artist knew while a full-time art educator during the years 2001-2009 in Paterson, NJ. by So Yoon Lym