KISS: Beth [origin story]

Beth Kiss Origin Story Spoof Video Vimeo

This 4:30 video perfectly recreates with humor the alleged inspiration behind the classic KISS hit ‘Beth’ which was their highest charting song and crossed over. The art department, set designers, and wardrobe people nailed it completely. Click the screencapped still above to watch the entire video.


“So if you want to know who we are, what America is… that’s it: Selflessly, compassionately, unafraid.”

Maya Angelou: How I Write

Something to occupy my little mind. I think my grandmother taught me that. She didn’t mean to, but she used to talk about her “little mind.” So when I was young, from the time I was about 3 until 13, I decided that there was a Big Mind and a Little Mind. And the Big Mind would allow you to consider deep thoughts, but the Little Mind would occupy you, so you could not be distracted. It would work crossword puzzles or play Solitaire, while the Big Mind would delve deep into the subjects I wanted to write about.

via Maya Angelou: How I WriteThe Daily Beast


Books: Dying, dying, and Dead

Okay… lemme take a moment to say that YES. Books are dying, because dumbasses want to put out an “interview” that has been transcribed & charge $24.95 for ‘jacket cloth’ and I suppose you want to add on shipping & what not. Get Real Academic publishers…offer an e-book you jerks.
Speech Begins after Death
PS I really do want to read this but c’mon Minnesota University, this is 2013

“McLaren & Meyer & Rotten & Vicious & me”

This is why you should love Roger Ebert More:

“McLaren & Meyer & Rotten & Vicious & me”

“I need you out here,” Russ Meyer told me on the phone in 1977. It was 6 a.m. He could not conceive that I might still be asleep. “Have you ever heard of the Sex Pistols?”

“No,” I said.


Russ Meyer, Malcolm McLaren, Johnny Rotten & Sid Vicious meet with Roger Ebert… when they make time machines, I’m so going back to this moment in history… read the whole thing it is really classic!