ART we LIKE: James Mollison

Stumbling through Tumblr it was purely a delight to come across this great photo series by James Mollison entitled “The Disciples” whose name evokes some rogue gang roaming the streets. Showing us, in cleverly composed still lives as portraiture, what the true face of a band’s followers are. Their brand, as it were, filtered through the people who support them.

The Disciples from James Mollison Photography.

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What fascinated me most of all in these was how much the fans resembled a distant cousin to the artist(s). Like the saying that the more a couple is together the more they come to look alike, or the meme that people start to resemble their pets. Unable as I am to separate that underlying thought from the way I processed the pictures, meant figuring out who they were fans of, without benefit of a caption, also made me ponder if the artist chose people specifically based on it. Surely not all the fans who attended a concert bore a passing resemblance, and the title of the series seems to invoke the thought that these are people disciplined by their desire and appreciation.

So in conclusion, this series made me ponder what causes a person to evoke or envelope themselves in a visage of their icon.