Sex-LOVE-Imagination Side 2 [1995]


by DAKrolak Side 2

Length: 56 minutes

Track Listing:

  1. Ottmar Liebert – 1st Rain / Cry of Faith
  2. Bette Midler – Superstar
  3. Luna Negra/Ottmar Leibert – Whispering Hills
  4. Sweet Charity Soundtrack – There’s Gotta Be Someplace
  5. 4Non Blondes – What’s Goin On
  6. Phoebe Snow – Don’t Let Me Down
  7. Billie Holliday – God Bless Tha Child
  8. Stevie Wonder – If I ever Fall in love again (it will be forever)
  9. Bill Withers – Lean on Me
  10. Oletta Adams – I’ve Gotta Sing My Song
  11. Aretha Franklin – Angel segue
  12. Prince – Baby I’m a Star/I would Die 4 U
  13. Seal – Crazy (remix)


This was a mixtape for the birthday of Tanya Bejasa in 1995. It is definitely influenced by the time spent living in Miami Beach and the Drag Queens living there with whom a great deal of time was spent. For all its whimsical nature, it strives to subtly combine a plethora of thoughts and ruminations on love, sex, and the human imagination as a sensual organ.

It was inscribed: “These are my many voices I sing & write with…”

Note: This is  the basic and unencumbered version. You can also listen to the ‘mixed-down’ version full of low audio samples from cult movies,  audio recordings, and other auditory ephemera.

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Originally posted 11/28/2013 | Updated: 2/21/2015