Creedmoor (1) Creedmoor (2) Creedmoor (3)

There is something so hauntingly beautiful about our abandoned spaces. I’m so jealous of Hannah Frishberg, wish I could be her photographer’s assistant & location manager, because these works are stunning and the adventure would be so amazing to capture such eerily stunning works of art.

Read & See More of Creedmoor: Diagnosis: Decrepit—Inside Creedmoor Psychiatric Center | Atlas Obscura.

All photographs by Hannah Frishberg.


4 thoughts on “Creedmoor

    • Thanks. Traveling to these places really inspires one to think about how much people and their energy make up these spaces. When there is that void, and nature takes over, it really says a lot about loss, longing, memory, and legacy.

  1. Great images. I love the light on the green chair in the first image … eerie! This is my kind of subject matter! My latest post is titled, ‘Rusty Things & Abandoned Places’.

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