Farewell, DC (side B)

Farewell, DC [1993]

Don’t Cry for Me Washington, DC

by DAKrolak Side Bhttp://i.mixcloud.com/CDuQcK

Length: 54:30

Background:  This is the tape distributed to friends when after 10 years of living in Washington DC came to a close and the move to South Beach (SoBe) Miami Beach, Florida became imminent. So many different feelings about that decade, which I refer to as my “Lost Decade” – and much of the music included here is what got me through it.

Track Listing:

  1. Kwelismith – That Kinda Father (Gregorian chant mix)
  2. Waterfront – Move On
  3. Enya – instrumental
  4. Maria McKee – To Miss Someone
  5. Marc Almond – These My Dreams Are Yours
  6. Seal – Come See What Love Has Done (acoustic)
  7. Sinéad O’Connor – Don’t Cry for Me Argentina
  8. Wire – Song
  9. Depeche Mode – But Not Tonight
  10. REM – “New Orleans Instrumental No. 1”
  11. Tom Waits – All I Want is You
  12. REM – Everybody Hurts
  13. Oleta Adams – Get Here
  14. Seal – Don’t Look
  15. Eurythmics – When the Day Goes Down (acoustic/studio mashup)
  16. Marc Almond – These My Dreams (reprise)
  17. Sinéad O’Connor – Don’t Cry for Me Argentina (reprise)

Truth is she never left

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Published: 2013/12/30 || Updated: 2015/01/02

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