ART we LIKE: Takayuki Takeya

Predator Samarui

Takayuki Takeya Exhibition

Sometimes you are just trolling around the internet when some picture leads you off onto a mini-adventure in cyberspace that really enlarges your worldview. This exhibition is one of those times, and while these may simply seem like “Toys” or Action Figure collectibles some fanboi would have, I found them the expression of fine art and immaculate in almost every detail.

Since I’m not in Tokyo and this exhibition has not made its way to NYC, I’ll have to enjoy it as if I was there. These pictures are a selection of the things that interested me the most. There are plenty more great quality shots if you click on the links titled Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4 and the shots of his studio intrigued me the most. There is a whole gallery of them in their home atmosphere of the artist’s studio to check out as well.





There is (strangely enough) a brief summation for those unfamiliar (like me) on his Kickstarter Page for a figure he was creating.

Video from KickStarter Campaign Takayuki Takeya