Wednesday started with someone posting this picture on my wall on Facebook. Quickly I deleted the tag because honestly just the day before there had been much discussion culminating from the days prior about how Black Religious Homophobia was often used to further stigmatize & persecute people of color and held forth as if it didn’t exist in other communities or society at large. It reinforced and often held to a completely different standard the African-American Church from all others.

This bothered me intensely.

ATLAH HomoDemons

Then on Thursday, lo & behold, the story caught more attention when featured in The New York Daily News and then Mediaite ran with the story.

now mediaite is covering it

Neither of which bothered, as I did when first seeing this aberration to look just a bit longer. It wasn’t hard, a search for Pastor Dr. Manning revealed a YouTube video to explain his thinking and spoke directly about the sign and its meaning:

It gets really good at the @ 1:25 mark. Yet hits hysterical peeling laughter @ 1:57 mark. “Scooped Up” by the White Homosexual. Wait, though – he is not finished. The Pick-Yourself-Up-From-the-Floor moments happens @ 2:17 when the Gentrifying-Predatory-White-Devil/Homosexuals’ agenda of “looking for men who have been converted into homosexuality” reaches its ‘natural’ conclusion that a black woman can not compete with:  “He’s usually got money, white homo usually has an American Express Card

This of course, I had to pay attention to, and investigate public sentiment. It was not long until Elon James White took up the cause on Twitter and started the #HomoDemons hashtag so we could mock, what so clearly needs to be mocked!

Then we started to investigate their website (and trolling it naturally) to find out that “Dr.” Manning had gotten his PhD. from his own unaccredited institution. The jokes just keep rolling in:

And I’m giving out Dr.’s too: @ElonJames ‘ take on it came later in the day on Blackness Today:

So that is pretty much how it unfolded. Yet, I’d be very remiss if not furthering the notion that while abhorrent this sort of spectacle is also very rare. That many will recognize it from their interactions does not go unnoticed or unacknowledged:

However, it just so happens that the very first thing I read today was how millenials are turning away from their religion because of the rigid stance the church is taking against homosexuality and same-sex marriage, how the World Bank (not just the US) was considering its aid in light of the homophobic laws (which Pastor Manning supports fully), but also in light of the brilliant article from 2009 blaming Blacks & their religion for Prop 8 passing which I’d just read again.

UPDATE: Apparently Dr. Manning has “responded” to Elon James ~ will the madness never end?!?!

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