GoT: 7 days to go!

Today’s Gallery is filled with  the hard work of the awesome graphic department at HBO. They have plastered New York City with these on every bus shelter, subway station, and everywhere. I pass by their Headquarters all the time and so they are very represented around Bryant Park. Naturally they make a great gallery:

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Season 4: April 6 th 9 pm

Game of Thrones Countdown: 7 days left

Valar Morghulis Posters:

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I think they did a great job of producing a moody and brooding poster that evokes all the troubles ahead for these characters much is about to happen and should make for a thrilling season. These are just my favorites, didn’t collect them all, let me know in the comments any you would like to see and I’ll add them. What do you think? Which is your favorite poster?

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