Dear Internet, Thank You

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My old man’s a white old man
And my old mother’s black.
If ever I cursed my white old man
I take my curses back.
If ever I cursed my black old mother
And wished she were in hell,
I’m sorry for that evil wish
And now I wish her well
My old man died in a fine big house.
My ma died in a shack.
I wonder where I’m going to die,
Being neither white nor black?

— Langston Hughes

Diary of thoughts [Train ride to NYC]

On the train 2 minutes and they are giving shows. Maury vs Sabor Gigante. Thank god they seated me next to something cute to look at…

Baltimore at sunset in the spring is beauteous. (Squints at autocorrect’s spelling. *Shrugs*)

DC your are hot & sweaty like an armpit. And I ❤ it.

Someone went out and got cabbage soaked in the sweat of a basketball team and drenched it in vinegar. We are not happy. Nor is our late train. We are getting restless and loud. Call police. Seems like we’ll need it.

(Call Mayor Fenty too. My civil rights!)

Lies! A girl just passed through this train car talkm’bout:
“A passenger just lost the mouse they brought on board to feed their PYTHON.” ‪#‎snakesonatrain‬

I’m dying. They are swapping out the train car + now we’ve added a gallon of hot sauce to the cabbage smell.

(Did I mention no power or A/C? Yeah.)

I’m currently trying to rouse the 100+ people outside to tip the train on a dare.

Hey Southwest DC I see you. We had some good times. Remember you well.

Hey I see you Alexandria. Our affair was brief. Barely remember you except when the trees change color. We’ll always have that.

Next time Verizon brags about their coverage. Tell them to ride the train thru VA. Prison blankets or towels cover more.
So I’m told.

Mid-Day Meditation

Have you ever sat at your dining room table that you never use for anything but a cat tumbling mat or to unload what is in your coat pockets? Then stared deep into the coffee that is brewing and said to yourself —“That is it I’m through”

Thinking about how the maid is fired because you see crumbs from last night’s dinner, and tumbleweeds blowing in the soft spring breeze made entirely of cat hair. Then you remember fondly that you don’t have any help.

No? Me, neither. I’m asking for a friend.


1885: Three Women

 Anandibai Joshi of India, Keiko Okami of Japan, and Sabat Islambouli of Syria

The three women pictured in this incredible photograph from 1885 —Anandibai Joshi of India, Keiko Okami of Japan, and Sabat Islambouli of Syria— each became the first licensed female doctors in their respective countries. The three were students at the Women’s Medical College of Pennsylvania; one of the only places in the world at the time where women could study medicine. Read More→


Because I cannot sleep

Because I cannot sleep
I make music at night.
I am troubled by the one
whose face has the color of spring flowers.

I have neither sleep nor patience,
neither a good reputation nor disgrace.
A thousand robes of wisdom are gone.
All my good manners have moved a thousand miles away.

The heart and the mind are left angry with each other.
The stars and the moon are envious of each other.
Because of this alienation the physical universe
is getting tighter and tighter.

The moon says, ‘How long will I remain
suspended without a sun?’
Without Love’s jewel inside of me,
let the bazaar of my existence be destroyed stone by stone.

O Love, You who have been called by a thousand names,
You who know how to pour the wine
into the chalice of the body,
You who give culture to a thousand cultures,
You who are faceless but have a thousand faces,
O Love, You who shape the faces
of Turks, Europeans, and Zanzibaris,
give me a glass from Your bottle,
or a handful of being from Your Branch.

Remove the cork once more.
Then we’ll see a thousand chiefs prostrate themselves,
and a circle of ecstatic troubadours will play.
Then the addict will be freed of craving.
and will be resurrected,
and stand in awe till Judgement Day.

Jalāl ad-Dīn Muḥammad Rūmī

Dragon Fruit

© 2014 D.A. Królak. All Rights Reserved.

Remember kids: In a world of green. Bring your whole rainbow of colors like the Dragon Fruit. Be the Dragon Fruit. Be Yourself. They are gonna hate/love you either way. This way you are most happy.


PBS: Women of Soul

OKAY. Kicking off my chanclettas, waving my hands, and carrying on. How our POTUS can listen to a 2 minute note by Patti & still look unmoved?

He obviously has nerves of steel.

Old Skool

” We flock to the sanctuary to hear the word


to hear the melody


to feel the power


to heal ourselves


there is resolution in the sound


there is hope in the song

there is hope in the song

there is hope in the song… “

Are you there gawd, it’s me?!

Okay not quite ready to give up on Weezy and George.

*inserts key into lock* (coming from the all night dance party) *opens door slowly*

*sees cats frantic*
*eyes empty cat food bowl*


Not cool at all. That is not for you!


True Story: Beyond Out Late

Yup, it is that point in the night when you walk out, pushing the exit door, sunglasses firmly in place and step out into the day. You feel like a vampire for a second, get your bearings, quick. Question every life choice that has brought you to this point. After-Hours, they are like indoctrination cults. Never Again.


Lost in thought you’ve bumped into someone scurrying from you as your senses are overloaded. Sunglasses fall, broken, defenses down, the light penetrates to the back of your skull. It is like a split second lobotomy by light, it is transcendent—you see how beautiful, bright & vibrant yet painful it all is. Bursting colors, bustling people , blustering wind.

Inhale Deep. Exhale Slow.

It is good to be alive, better to be in my bed, and no I’ll never do it again. Until the next time.

I promise.