GoT: Free Tyrion – Mockingbird

The Episode that was too much: #Mockingbird #FreeTyrion

3 favorite moments in one episode? Yes!

Okay, I can’t even put my feelings into words over the past episode titled “Mockingbird” for Game of Thrones Season 4, Episode 7.  Mainly because it had such pivotal moments from the book that I’m going to have to do three posts and spread them out to cover the the break for the holiday week.

First up was this scene, so deftly brought to life from the book:

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All good movements deserve a poster:

Yet the scene also had the touching story, which came from the book, brought to life by both these great actors in a way that made it even better than the print version:



Don’t count him out, next episode should be a thrill ride:


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3 thoughts on “GoT: Free Tyrion – Mockingbird

  1. The scene between Tyrion and Oberyn was really well done – the show runners said that was the first scene they shot with Pedro Pascal as Oberyn, which is insane to me.

    • It sorta makes sense – it has that ephemeral quality that had they gotten to joke around on the set more and been more comfortable wouldn’t have been as crisp!

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