GoT: Red Viper vs The Mountain

The Fight of the Seven Kingdoms:

Live on ‘Pay-Per-View ‘ with 6 different posters!

#FreeTyrion | Trial By Combat | #TeamOberyn

Readers of the books (like myself) are even looking forward to how HBO brings this pivotal scene in ‘A Song of Fire & Ice’ epic fantasy novels to the screen. Apparently everyone had the same idea: make a realistic fight poster. The internet never lets us down when it comes to spreading a meme.(Click any picture below to see or scroll through easily)

Then of course there were some other fan art pieces that envision the battle and couldn’t go without inclusion here:



viper vs mountain soundtrack

Pedro Pascal did an AMA ~ answering the burning question about the battle

Tell me which poster is your favorite in the poll below, or in the comments.

Seen the #TeamOberyn Meme yet?
Or #FreeTyrion Memes?

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