GoT: [BONUS] Click and Drag game

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Game of Thrones Click & Drag Game

(Click the link above or phtoto below to play)

Game of Thrones Click & Drag Game

There are a series of rapid fire animated gifs that you drag with your mouse to get your answer. Click the link to play.

Game of Thrones Click and Drag Game

(you click & drag the gif to get your answer to the following)

Questing Companion:
Ruler of the Iron Throne:
Animal Companion:
Weapon of choice:

My Results:

House: GreyJoy
Questing Companion: Podrick
Lover: Brienne
Ruler of the Iron Throne: Joffrey
Animal Companion: Dragon
Residence: Braavos
Weapon of Choice: Axe


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What were your results? Tell me in the comments below. Let’s compare!