GoT: Ramsay Bolton

Happy Father’s Day: from Your Favorite Sadistic Psycho Bastard

Ramsay Bolton (née Snow)

Ramsay (17)

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Ramsay is best appreciated in action to appreciate his evil, so here is a gallery of gifsets of him being both his best and worst:

That a character who was largely fleshed out for the series and is only briefly in the books, the actor Iwan Rheon has made a very memorable turn as the sadistic sociopath hellbent on being the show’s most unlikable character. Well, now that Joffrey is gone. Yet the internet has a way of celebrating these anti-heroes in a way that is at times comical and other times disturbing. These are just some of the many, but celebrate the character who causes me to cover my eyes the most when he is on screen – hence the animated gifs serve for me to relive the least harrowing bits.

Since it is Father’s Day – something I’m quite sure the showrunners purposely chose as their finale (since, NO SPOILERS, will feature some real daddy issues Game-of-Thrones-Style as we book readers well know) then we might as well prepare for all the drama with a little more shock & awe. Those are Ramsay’s calling card.


And if you didn’t think they were in on it, well the good folks at HBO put together this clip:

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