GoT: S4 Challenge [5]

Day 5:   Favourite Relationship

Ygritte & Jon Snow


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Commentary:  Even in the books, Ygritte & Jon Snow was the only relationship worth cheering for, the rest all have their place, but none of them (not even Samwell & Gilly) seem worth rooting for. The rest all seem too messy & complex or both droll & inordinately naïve . Even with the internet seemingly loving the Robb Stark & bride, whose union and its tragic end were somehow supposed to be like Ned & Catelyn – please he should have never married her! Dont’ get me started on the people shipping Sansa & Petryr, that is just gross.

The relationships  George R.R. Martin tells are all too human and real-life. They feature betrayal, misguided intentions, lowered hopes and expectations, banal & contrite in their fruition. This seems intentional ashe doesn’t want us to live in a fairytale world where people  get what they want. The world doesn’t work like that.  The moral of the stories is that you aren’t quite sure who it is you love or why until they reveal themselves to you. That is a message that thrills me to no end.

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