Marsha P. Johnson (1944-1992)

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Pay it No Mind

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Commentary:  Marsha P. Johnson is an icon of the LGBTQ community and is revered for having been the black transexual who started the modern Gay Rights Movement with the help of others who refused to be silenced . Part Legend, Part Historical Figure, and non-stop entertaining & informative powerhouse. She died 22 years ago today on this date, and we should remember. (…continue reading)

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(…continued) A shotglass hurled into mirror and heard around the world! Watching this documentary really took me back to my own nascent years attending NYC Pride March through the late 80’s & early 90’s. On one of those last visits — it is easy for me to vividly recall seeing Marsha parading down the street lighting up all those around her. Shame that was before cell phone cameras or I’d have a personal memento, but my memory does just fine. Several things that were discovered putting this post together was that one of my favorite recording artist’s name was drawn from Marsha – Antony and the Johnsons. That their song ‘River of Sorrow’ was about her death and its suspicious circumstances. So many connections to someone who only came into my consciousness about 6 years ago (through social media no less).

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