Manhattanhenge: How to Photograph

how to photograph Manhattanhenge

How to photograph Manhattanhenge:


 The best location:

  1.  Avoid traffic and crowds of people.
  2.  Know the times for the actual sunset and get there at least 30 minutes prior to setup.
  3.  Scope out a location ahead of time so you know how to get there, don’t worry and don’t miss the event.

What lens to use for what you want to capture:

  1.  If you want the whole scene with the buildings and the city, go with a wide-angle, such as a 24-50mm or even as low as a 16-33mm.
  2.  For just the sun, use a tighter crop, maybe the telephoto lens, between 200-600mm.
  3.  Want the city traffic and the buildings? Use 200-400 mm.

The proper exposure setting:

  1.  Use the manual setting, set your ISO to 200-400, so you won’t need a tripod.
  2.  Don’t point the light meter into the sun.
  3.  Bracket your exposure by shooting one full stop lighter and one darker than the light meter exposure.

As cloudy skies inhibited the summer’s first viewings on Thursday and Friday, May 29 and 30, July’s viewing conditions will be much better for those looking to catch a glimpse of the setting sun.


“Both nights should be good viewing wise,” AccuWeather Meteorologist Alyson Hoegg said. “Both nights will be clear to partly cloudy.”

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