Dads Respond to Frozen

Music video of two dads’ response to Disney’s “Frozen” and — let’s be honest — every über-catchy song ever put out by Disney.

Starring: Ryan O’Quinn ( & Todd Wilkerson (
Directed by: Matt Reithmayr (
Audio by: Doug Higgins & Chad Reisser
Special thanks to: Mary Kay Altizer, and to our very patient wives.
Also starring: Lilah, Haley & Asher O’Quinn, Gracie & Melody Wilkerson, Kanan Dao, and Emma Holland

Close all the doors now and buckle up.
Please give the baby her sippy cup.
Another glorious day of errands on my plate.
Ballet, gymnastics then Costco
Target, karate, Trader Joe’s
And I just can’t get this smile off my face.

Then my daughter hands me a CD
Of the latest Disney tunes
A suddenly, my perfect day is doomed…

‘Cuz I know that I will never
Get these songs out of my head
Full of lyrics, oh so clever
It’s the melodies I dread

And I know that I’ll be hearing this
Until I get back home.
But they’ve sold ten billion copies
So at least I’m not alone

(In phone) I can’t go through this again
Remember what happened after Little Mermaid?

With all this music, can’t think straight
Don’t know my schedule, running late
Dodging traffic at a hurried pace
And then I begin to fall apart.
You really don’t want me to stop this car!
So please don’t color on your sister’s face?

Just when I’ve pulled myself together
My daughter says to me,
(Spoken) “put the movie on, Daddy,” (sung) and I do…reluctantly…

For I know that I will never
Get these songs out of my head
Cuz they’ll be singing them forever
Long after I am dead.

And of all the Disney titles
I haven’t seen a one so far…
Cuz they only watch these movies
As we’re driving in the car.

Don’t let them in. Don’t let them see.
I have to know what’s with this DVD.
My wife, my kids, for all they know
I’m in my office watching HBO.

But what is this I feel?
But what is this I feel?

I really do not know.
I really do not know.

Wake up kids, it’s time to hit the road!
The road!!!

Frozen changed my life forever
(This stuff is great I never knew)

Now there’s music in the air
(And to think, I’m a 40-year old dude)

I’m embarrassing my children
(I have a mortgage)

And I really couldn’t care
(Oh no I really couldn’t care)

And I know somewhere Walt Disney
Is smiling in his grave.
‘Cause while I’m filling up his pockets
While I’m driving up his profits
He’s driving me insane!



2 thoughts on “Dads Respond to Frozen

    • Believe me getting the lyrics & that other stuff in there was difficult, more difficult than it should have been for a friend of one of the “leads” in this video. I’m going to write about my experiences of/with it – since I know this guy…and never knew he could sing!!! LOL

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