The R*dsk*ns Myth of a Manufactured White Liberal Controversy

Johnnie-Jae-We Are Not caricatures mascot.jpg

Contrary to what Dan Snyder and R-word supporters would like you to believe, the #ChangetheName movement against the Washington football team and native mascotry is not a new battle. It has been waging for decades. The belief that this is a controversy stirred up by White Liberals is, also, the furthest thing from the truth. For over 50 years, Indigenous activists, organizations and their allies have been fighting to end Native Mascotry. While much of the battle and progress has gone unnoticed by the mainstream, two-thirds of all native mascots, team names, and logos have been retired. There are fewer than a thousand left to go.

Read more at:  The R*dsk*ns Myth of a Manufactured White Liberal Controversy via The Good Men Project. Amazing Artwork by Amay Tadits