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Setting the Record Straight: Tyrion+Tywin Death Scene

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Further Commentary:

This scene, while good, was missing much of the greatness that the book had. First, Tysha reveal – completely left out. Many book readers noticed & complained. Second, the Varys conversation is actually (seemingly) in the book seems to send Tyrion to find Tywin. Also they left out the best line, as was noticed and quickly edited over many gifs of the scene.

Not sure what we do with GoTedits, asofai fans who meticulously recraft these elements over top of the show. I’m glad we live in an age where other like-minded fans can share in their commonality.

“You shot me,” he said incredulously, his eyes glassy with shock. “You always were quick to grasp a situation, my lord,” Tyrion said. “That must be why you’re the Hand of the King.”


From Show:

Tywin: You shot me.

Tyrion: You always were so quick to grasp a situation, my lord, that must be why you’re Hand of the King.

Tywin: You… you are no… no son of mine.

Tyrion: Now that’s where you’re wrong Father. Why, I believe I’m you writ small. Do me a kindness now, and die quickly. I have a ship to catch.

From the book:



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