Literary Lions, sorta

I used to work RIGHT BESIDE these two lovely ladies – done by the same artist who made the famous ones at the Main NYPL  and to my mind even more beautiful, the gentle slope of their spines is incredible to behold as you walk around them. They seem ready to pounce and yet also sublimely meditative. Quite a feat to pull off as a sculptor.


Anatomy of a Viral Tweet

How I Became Thousands of Nerds’ Worst Enemy

by Tweeting a Photo

Famous people aren’t like regular people, they’re better. So this was a huge deal.

The internet is filled with nerds who are desperate to 1) demonstrate their love for science and 2) display their superiority to everyone else. I had provided them all with a chance to do both, at the same time. They were falling over each other to tell me that I am the reason the world is a bad place.

via How I Became Thousands of Nerds’ Worst Enemy by Tweeting a Photo | Gawker.

Highly suggest reading the whole thing to see what it is like to be at the center of a social media firestorm that misses your humanity or factors in your ability to be tongue-in-cheek. Some things are missed completely in the social media sphere. Don’t become like this guy, you might not be able to stand it.

Ellis Island’s Abandoned South Side

Are you familiar with the south side of Ellis Island, which has been sitting in abandonment for about 60 years? It makes for some beautiful ruin porn, but it would be great to see this area restored, which is something the Save Ellis Island project has been determined to make happen. We reached out to them for some new updates on their efforts, but for now let’s focus on the ruin.

via Photos: Touring Ellis Island’s Abandoned South Side: Gothamist.

Unbelievably cool [animated gif]

Mother Jones by artist Kevin Weir using Archival photos from the Library of Congress.

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A Brief Chat with Helen Levitt

Helen Levitt a brief chat with by sybil miller

This “chat” (really an interview) is from 2008 and is one of the better ones found on the interwebs with Helen Levitt. Reading the whole thing felt very personal and touching. Highly suggest reading the whole thing, as well as the critique of the different versions of her book. That is if you are in to that sort of thing. (click the photo above or the link below to view the article – note, the whole thing is in a viewer)

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Evolving a September 11th Charity

While smaller Sept. 11-related nonprofits have closed, contracted, merged or narrowed their missions, Ms. Lutnick said she has plans to broaden her fund’s focus. Going forward, she wants the Cantor Fitzgerald Relief Fund known as an organization that supports needy grass-roots nonprofits—and stays nimble in its financial response to disaster victims. The fund has already been moving in those directions.

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The revolution will be Tweeted, Facebooked, Reddit-ed, Vined and Instagrammed

Reddit has a live feed about Ferguson maintained round the clock

From the recent Twitterstorms surrounding events in Ferguson, Missouri, and the killing of US journalist James Foley in Syria, to the Israel-Palestine conflict, political activism and protest is now all about getting the message out using social media.Its importance as a political tool on the streets was first noticed during the Arab Spring in 2011, when Twitter and Facebook were used by protesters in Egypt, Tunisia and Libya to respond to real-time events on the ground. Now it’s used by all kinds of people in all kinds of scenarios; all you need is a smartphone.

via The protester’s guide to social media | TechRadar.