Alain Locke: Ashes Found In University Archives Laid To Rest

About 150 people are gathered for the funeral of a man who died 60 years ago.

Author and philosopher Alain Locke is widely known as the father of the Harlem Renaissance. He inspired Martin Luther King Jr., who praised him as an intellectual leader on par with Plato and Aristotle.

“Locke was among the most academically accomplished African-Americans of his time. He earned a Ph.D. from Harvard and is the first known gay Rhodes Scholar. He was also the first African-American Rhodes Scholar — there wouldn’t be another for more than 50 years.”

“He argues that race is a fabrication,” Harris says. “That was shocking at the time. How can you claim that race is a construction, when all you see is segregation? Locke says it’s culture that creates our visions of race.”

via Alain Locke, Whose Ashes Were Found In University Archives , Is Buried | WLRN.