McDonald’s Happy Meals like you’ve never seen them

The Exorcist


Said in best Veruka Salt voice

In the past he has created tributes to great movies, such as The Exorcist and Carrie, and TV shows, such as Wonder Woman, Twin Peaks, and American Horror Story. Well Newt [Clement] has been at it again, but this time his creation has caused quite a backlash on Facebook, where a couple of people posted it, one even indicating that it’s a parody or novelty idea. Apparently some people are not real thrilled about the idea of a Ouija Board Happy Meal.

This selection turns me into Veruca Salt!!

This is art we like, our way & we’re “Lovin’ It’ !!!

via Artist’s take on Mcdonalds Happy Meal causes quite a stir on social media Lost At E Minor.