Evolving a September 11th Charity

While smaller Sept. 11-related nonprofits have closed, contracted, merged or narrowed their missions, Ms. Lutnick said she has plans to broaden her fund’s focus. Going forward, she wants the Cantor Fitzgerald Relief Fund known as an organization that supports needy grass-roots nonprofits—and stays nimble in its financial response to disaster victims. The fund has already been moving in those directions.

“I’ve never had an opportunity to not be reactive,” she said during a recent interview, referring to her fund’s support not only of 9/11 families, but of victims of superstorm Sandy and other large-scale emergencies. “This is the first kind of moment where—I’m almost afraid to say anything, you know, knock on wood—I’ve been able to kind of go, ‘Whew,’ a little bit.”

via Evolving a Sept. 11 Charity | WSJ.

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