I want to live in this…

2014-10-07 coat i want to live in cd

…until it is threadbare, with the “wild leopard skin” crumbling off (so un-PC, yes take my PETA card, please) and then twirl thru the grocery store at 80+ years old smoking a cigarette & day-drinking…

That is all…


Coat Dress—Autumn/Winter 1947

Designer: Christian Dior
Brand: Christian Dior

Label: None

Material: Dark Green velvet; cuffs of leopard skin; gold thread, sequin and bead embroidery on bodice and pockets; black suede belt.
This garment represents a development for Christian Dior who made his dramatic debut in the previous season with his New Look collection. The combination of wild leopard skin and elegant silhouette creates an unexpectedly harmonious look.

The New Look – Dior’s nostalgic and elegant first collection featuring soft shoulders, a narrow waist and a full skirt – was the polar opposite of the austere clothing worn by women during the Second World War. The New Look, which heralded an era of peace, became an international success and went on to define fashion in the 50s. Dior also succeeded in restoring Paris as the center of fashion, with the city becoming, once again, the forerunner of fashion around the world.

Photo by: Takashi Hatakeyama