Heroes Outtakes for Bowie

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David Bowie’s “Heroes” Cover Shoot: The Outtakes

My favorites:

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David Bowie’s “Heroes” Cover Shoot: The Outtakes

by Masayoshi Sukita

via MASAYOSHI Sukita is the man who shot the man who sold the world, and then kept on shooting him. For 40 years | The Age.

Today is the 37th anniversary of an album that morphed my world, altering its course irrevocably. Along with his style influence on the wardrobe, musically Bowie also shaped the rather broad spectrum that is my current audio collection. So it was with great honor that this was quickly added to the wishlist in hopes that this Christmas or my birthday (just after) will find some generous soul getting me this inspirational tome. Making one helluva happy camper! 🙂

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