Wikipedia: #Edit2014

The world made more than 100 million edits to Wikipedia in 2014. In our first ever annual video, revisit what you read and edited, from the FIFA World Cup to the Indian general elections, and the Ice Bucket Challenge to Ebola in West Africa. Use the hashtag #Edit2014 to follow the conversation.

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16 Things I know are true

  1. The sooner you do something, the more of your life you get to spend with that thing done — even though it takes less effort (or at least no more) than it will later.
  2. I never regret working out.
  3. Whenever I’m playing with my phone I am only shortening my life.
  4. Nothing makes me more productive and in-the-moment than a clean house.
  5. Minute-for-minute, nothing I do is more rewarding than meditation.
  6. Creative work is something that can be done at any time.
  7. Acting the way you want to feel usually works.
  8. Ninety-five per cent of my happiness comes from having a home, a functioning body and something to eat.
  9. Our minds are geared to manage much less than we typically end up managing.
  10. The quickest and most reliable path to personal improvement is to do the things on my list that I resist most.
  11. All you need to do to finish things is keep starting them until they’re done.
  12. Whenever I think I’m mad at a person, I’m really just mad at a situation.
  13. Ultimately, to get something done you have to forget about everything else while you do it.
  14. The most consistently joyful activities for me are visiting with other people and reading books.
  15. If I find myself in an argument, I’ve made a mistake.
  16. Few things matter long-term other than relationships, health, personal finance and personal growth.

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There’s a difference between knowing something and living as if it were true.

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Beautiful by Night

A documentary following three older drag entertainers at Aunt Charlie’s Lounge in San Francisco’s Tenderloin. With Olivia Hart, Collette LeGrande, and Donna Personna. By James Hosking