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Gran Fury

actup gran fury poster government has blood on its hands one aids death every half hour

Gran Fury & ActUp mobilized an entire generation and through people answering their call a nation was forced to respond to the AIDS crisis. By just widely disseminating t-shirts, wheat pastes, & flyers or stickers. They were something to behold in the late 80s-Early 90s. Remember them very well as we see a groundswell of activism to fight back bigotry & abuses of power.

In 2012 the 80WSE gallery at NYU did a retrospective, check out their site for more. Also this blogpost for a review & historical context.

Commentary: The recent #BlackLivesMatter & #ICantBreathe or #Ferguson social media hashtag-activism led protests make me recall Gran Fury fondly, however, now  the “collective” is completely crowd-sourced. With a little more time this holiday sesason, will try to contrast the memes & show that this work has never stopped and has only now become easier to mobilize people of all walks of life across social media.  Plus I have to find my old memorabilia from that time to capture for posterity.


Feel free to share your remembrances of those times or any memorabilia you have below —