Şeb-i Arus | Wedding Night

December 17th, 2014
[[ 741 years ]]

Jalāl ad-Dīn Muḥammad Rūmī

Şeb-i Arus, meaning Nuptial Night or Night of Union, is a ceremony held every year on the anniversary of Rumi’s death [in Konya, Turkey where Rumi passed away on the night of 17th December 1273]. It begins after the afternoon prayer with the reading of the Koran. The ceremony consists of six parts. In the first part, the dervishes praise the Prophet Mohammed and the prophets who came before him and God. The beat on the Kudum or double drum, the second part, represents God’s command ‘Let it be.’ Then the ney/flute plays music representing carnal life. The dancers, known as Semazen, then greet one another three times and walk around in a circle. This symbolizes the greeting of the mystic spirit. The dancers then remove their black jackets, symbolizing their birth into the eternal spiritual world. The return to truth has begun.

QUOTE via Rumi’s Annual ‘Şeb-i Arus/Night of Union’ Ceremony in Konya, Turkey | Maulana Rumi Online.

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PHOTOS via Soltan Haseki @DaryaTurkey | Twitter.

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