No More Drama [2008]

No More Drama

by DAKrólak CD

no more drama cd back cover artwork

{original CD back cover artwork/listing}

Length: 1:19:30

Track List:

  1. Grace Jones – Bullshit
  2. Janis Joplin – Woman Left Lonely
  3. Aretha Franklin – How I Feel This Morning
  4. Mahalia Jackson – Summertime / Sometimes I Feel …
  5. Chaka Khan – Diamonds Are Forever
  6. Mary J. Blige – No More Drama (Thunder Puss Remix/Dub)
  7. Madonna – Human Nature (remix)
  8. Leiv Schrieber – Time is Short / Rumi
  9. Marissa Tomei – This is True / Rumi
  10. John Legend – When It’s Cold Outside
  11. India Arie – Strength, Courage, Wisdom
  12. David Bowie – Heroes
  13. Lloyd Cole – Jennifer
  14. Antony and the Johnsons – You are my Sister (Ft/Boy George)
  15. Sade – Somebody Already Broke My Heart
  16. ABC – If I Ever Thought You’d Be Lonely
  17. The Style Council – Have You Ever Had It Blue? (12″ Ext Ver)
  18. Macy Durden – Segue
  19. Hedwig – Outro

Background:  This is the second part of a trilogy which was designed to walk through a variety of my favorite songs and familiar themes. You can listen to the sadder first part of the trilogy called: Am I Blue? to understand why this one starts off a bit more in your face…

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