Feelings Journalism??!!??

There are structural reasons for the popularity of feelings journalism. News—and yes, these days a few tweets from a “Daily Show” comedienne can count as news—begets opinion pieces, and those pieces beget more arguments, which beget news stories about the “brewing controversy;” and every step of the way, countless outlets are trying to be first. Thus, the “take,” the shallow but hyper-timely articles that have become ubiquitous. There are ways to write insightfully about Williams’s tweets, ways that don’t involve feelings journalism. But would anyone have cared, two weeks or months from now, what Bloom had to say about Williams as a “Daily Show” contender? That the answer isn’t obvious betrays the systemic problem with journalism, the rush to opine.

via Feelings Journalism Feeds Off Jessica Williams ‘Daily Show’ Tweets | The New Republic.