Claire Slays Effortlessly

Claire Ballgown Robin Wright hoc

screencap by Richard

Claire Underwood (Robin Wright) always looks flawless. Can you tell us about how her style has evolved?

In season one, Tom Broecker was the establishing costume designer. He did such an amazing job of showing Claire as this career philanthropist who had these elegant silhouettes — specifically, people were in love with her fitted shirts, her skirts, and her shift-dresses — those were the things that stood out. As we went into season two and I took over, [she] and Frank were making their plans for the White House and she was the vice-president’s wife, and I felt like we needed to do a little bit of a transition. Now she was making more public appearances on behalf of the White House, and she needed to evolve in the sense that there was a little bit more suiting — and she definitely wore dresses. We did a lot of Dior suits, a lot of Gucci and Burberry, and we kept elements of her skirting from season one, which is a very specific Gucci skirt that people still write about and ask me about and tweet me about. As their profile grew as vice-president and the vice-president’s wife and scandal happened, I wanted to show a little bit more vulnerability — we did some softer blousing. And by the end of the season, they become the president and First Lady, and when that happened it actually made great sense for Robin to bring on her own stylist, which is what she did, because a First Lady would have someone dressing [her], and being very strategic in what [she is] wearing.

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Note: Above is a gallery of what my fashion friends and I thought were her best moments sartorially throughout the seasons. We talked ad nauseum about them, and dissected every scene and the clothes part to almost be a stand alone character, a suit of armor as it were. Something Robin herself has spoken about as well.