Click & Drag Game: Avengers

Age of Ultron version


Avengers Click & Drag Game

This is a screencap – the original is flashing gifs (click photo to play)

«close your eyes and pull the picture»

To play you will have to click the picture above, go to Tumblr, and then drag each category of the flashing gifs to get your answers. Mine are below:

Best Friend: Loki
Live With: Black Widow
Crush on You: Loki
Enemy: Iron Man
Partner: Maria Hill
Saved By: QuickSilver

I can deal with this. Remind me again why I always plays these Click & Drag Games? Oh because those popular quizzes you all took bore me to tears. This clickbait here however is no different than my Magic 8 Ball, Paper Fortune Teller, et al. I’m a sucker for introducing chance into it.  Plus it is Thrusday and I’m feeling very Throwback in general.